ATM Processing Systems
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ATM Processing Systems Services

- Installed at NO COST to your business!
  $ Benefits To Merchants $

•  No cash investment or service responsibility

•  Cash fill provided by ATM Processing Systems

•  More customer traffic at your location

•  ATM Machine gives customers cash to spend in your store.

•  ATM Machine can eliminate the need to accept checks,  
   debit or credit cards.

•  Residual income can be substantial.

•  Percentage of Surcharge paid to business location.

  $ Benefits To Customers $

Convenient, safe attended location to get cash.

Banking and purchases can be completed at one location

ATM Machines allow customers to access cash from all    credit, debit and E.B.T. card accounts

  Other Services Offered:

~ Cash fill service for your existing ATM
~ Extended service warranties for your existing ATM
~ New ATM sales at our cost
~ Great deals on refurbished ATM machines
~ Installation, Processing Service, Tech Support anywhere in
   the U.S.A